Ramblers Excel at Awards Ceremony


Henry Abercrombie, Staff Writer

Monday, May 15, marked the Spring Awards Ceremony, where the academic and athletic achievements of exceptional students were recognized by faculty, staff, and peers. The first achievement of note is the sheer volume of students who received the President’s Education Award, given to seniors who have had a 3.5 GPA or higher, along with outstanding scores on national reading and mathematics examinations. A total number of 88 senior received this award. Students who have become particularly talented in their sport of choice were also recognized, with awards for cross country running, tennis, basketball, swimming, football, hockey, and wrestling, among others.

Several students were also recognized as high-performing tri-athletes, with a total number of 19 tri-athletes. However, some of the highest honors that a student could obtain were from the major awards, often named in memory of an alumni who made particularly notable contributions to the school as a whole. Students who were recognized are shown here:

Greg Porter Award – Kyan Snider-Mills ’23

William E. Kneib Memorial Award – Anthony Frisina ’23 & Emily Consiglio ’23

David Tyzinski Memorial Award – Aidan Levis ’23

Joe Lunger Memorial Award – Jenna Wagner ’23

Edward J. Wilwohl Memorial Award – Luke Brown ’23 and Cole Constable ’23

Patty Doubet Award – Sarah Clark ’23

Msgr. Robert B. McDonald Award – Hayden Hutchinson ’23

Sr. Mary Drexler Award – Haley Palmer ’23

“Ma” Kaiser Award – DaMario Crawford ’23

Several of these high achievers were willing to respond to the Rambler’s request for comment.

“I won the William E. Kneib Memorial Award, which was for doing the most for the school within the senior class,” said Anthony Frisina. “I was really honored to be recognized like this, and I hope to continue to help out society in any way I can.”