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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

What is your top pet peeve?


It’s late January. Winter has only been here for a month, but it feels like forever. Christmas break is a distant memory. Easter break is far too far away. It’s the perfect time to vent a bit. This week our staff let off some steam by writing about their top pet peeves.

Kwame Anim-Somuah

My biggest pet peeve is people who stand in the middle of the hallway It is quite frustrating when you are walking to class or trying to get to your locker and there’s a small cluster of people just cemented in the middle of the hallway. It’s not that hard to just step to the side or go in front of a classroom and talk instead of creating a traffic jam which affects everyone else who’s trying to go to class. 

Lindsay Armanini

Tyler Chermack

Josie Dufala

Lauren Middleton

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m talking and someone cuts me off. This is very irritating especially in an argument. I want to make the statement I intend to make before another statement or question is made. When someone cuts me off when I am speaking, I feel as if they don’t respect me or what I have to say, or they would have waited for me to stop speaking. When I’m talking to an individual and they allow me to explain what I have to say without cutting me off, it allows me to have more respect for that individual that they actually heard me out and what I have to say. 

John Santone
My biggest pet peeve is when people do not listen to my advice, especially when I know I am or turn out to be correct. While I understand that sounds egotistical, it happens far more frequently than I would like. It is even worse when they ask for advice and do not use the it when I give it to them. I like to think I’m thorough in my thinking process, but people repeatedly ignore my ideas after previous experiences where they should have. 
Dominick Scarpino
My biggest pet peeve is people not remembering how to drive. I get very annoyed with drivers who do stupid things. I almost got rear-ended because a person was texting and driving on the interstate. I also get agitated when people go unreasonably slow. If it is in the winter, then I understand. I get very mad when people are going 25 in a 45 in the middle of summer.  
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