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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Ranking the top-5 Prep gym class sports


Cathedral Prep gym class can get very serious, very quickly. With a school of all men, you can imagine that the testosterone can get overwhelming, leading to intense competition. After careful analyzation and a couple years of experience, the Top-5 Prep Gym Class Sports have been compiled together.

5. Ultimate Frisbee 
Ultimate Frisbee appeals to any sort of student. It’s a relatively simple game that does not require very much athletic ability. However, when organized in the Prep gym, it’s easy for the game to become very competitive. Teams of four or five compete against each other to move the Frisbee into the end zone as quickly as possible. After one score, the team who lost is kicked out, and a new team is added. 

4. Trash Ball
Mr. Brooks was feeling creative and threw this sport into the mix this year. Trash ball is a mixture of basketball, football, handball, ultimate frisbee, and just about any other gym class sport you can imagine. The objective is to move a small ball down the court with teams of four or five and score it into the trash can. The game require quickness, teamwork, and acrobatic skills that only can be achieved by the best of athletes. It’s a great game for anyone.

3. Flag Football
Once we get into the top three it gets a little tricky. Flag football is one of the most competitive sports at Prep. Mainly teams of four battle to score as quickly as possible. Each player has two flags which can be pulled when they have possession of the ball to force a down. Four downs are allowed for each team to try and score. Offense is relentless, defense is fierce, and this is overall a great game.

2. Basketball
Basketball is not just for the typical Prep athlete. In the Prep gym, basketball is a full-contact sport, and if you can’t deal with it, tough luck. When playing, you better be prepared to hit the court. Typically teams of four or five play against each other until one team reaches 7 points for the win. It is extremely competitive. It can turn friends into enemies, and that’s why it’s in the top three.

1. Handball
If you ask any kid in the halls of Prep what their favorite gym class sport is, almost nine times out of ten the answer will be handball. Easily one of, if not THE most competitive sports in the Prep gym. Handball is a mixture of soccer and football, with the objective being to score the ball in the net at the opposite end of the court. Teams of four to five kids battle to be the first to score, and the loser is kicked off the court. Much like trash ball, handball requires speed, agility, acrobatic skill, and great teamwork. The handball tournament is the most fun, and most competitive in the Prep gym, hands down.

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