App Spotlight: Cool Keys


The Rambler

image1New for iOS 8 is an interesting app called Cool Keys. Cool Keys is a keyboard editing app that allows users to create keyboards and use them regularly. As this app is fairly new, the keyboards are slightly buggy, such as the keyboard coming up slowly or having to re-select the keyboard after closing it.
Otherwise, the keyboards are visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing. Everything is customizable from the size of the keys to the color of the letters. The app’s easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly and easily create a custom keyboard and apply it to their iPad for quick selection and use.
After downloading the app and creating the keyboard instructions appear asking the user to allow Cool Keys full access to the user’s iPad. This may worry some users, but don’t be afraid. The iPad is just asking whether or not you the user wants to allow this app to use all the functions on that iPad. This could range from Facebook or Twitter to email. This allows Cool Keys to be a user’s default keyboard, and it also safely opens and operates on iOS 8.
An anonymous student user of Cool Keys said, “The app is fun and easy to use. I can also use my own photos so it can look like whatever I want so that’s cool.” The interviewee wished to remain anonymous but wanted to tell everyone that Cool Keys is an awesome app and should be used by everyone.