Soccer vs. Football: What’s in a name?


The Rambler

Soccer is a sport that is played worldwide. It is played at a national level and a world level. The sport involves clubs within countries to participate in championships that are very competitive. Some of the famous ones are La Liga and Champions League. The most competitive championship is the FIFA World Cup. It is played by up to 77 countries. In 2006, an estimated of 715 million people watched the finale of France vs. Italy in Germany. It is worldwide known as “football” or “fútbol.”

American football is only popular nationally. It is played at the college level and high school state level as well. It is the most famous sport in America, and everyone enjoys the game. It only has one major professional championship, which is the Super Bowl. An estimated 111.5 million people watched Super Bowl XLVI between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. It is not mainly played with feet. In fact, it is only a few times during a game the football is kicked.

So why is soccer, known as football/fútbol to the rest of the world, called something that does not relate to what the sport is about? It is actually because the British Americans call football soccer. They only stopped calling it soccer about 30-40 years ago when it started to become more and more popular.

We can only guess why American football is called football. It may have something to do with the creators of football not wanting to adopt the name American rugby, which would make more sense since they are similar.