Senior class officers have responsibility to raise money for the senior class


The Rambler

Cathedral Prep allows their students to take part in raising money for their class as well as allowing them to decide what that money is used for. At the beginning of the school year, the class votes on who should represent them to take on these vital tasks. The senior class officers should try to raise as much money as possible so that the class can afford a senior class trip, but also hopefully have enough money leftover so that prom tickets are affordable.
The senior class officers for the 2014-15 school year are Jack Kelly, president; David Albrecht, vice president; Christian Burch, secretary; and Sakhari Thomas, treasurer. So far, I don’t believe that they have done as good of a job as they can.
Mr. Vicary and Mr. Pituch are the senior class overseers for the officers. They help the students generate ideas for fundraising as well as setting up and overseeing fundraisers. Mr. Vicary, when asked about how well the senior class officers are doing, said, “The senior class officers are on track.” He said that the officers have been preparing a T-shirt order form to send out to students and to send in the mail to Cathedral Prep families. They believe that sending the order forms to families will help to broaden the fundraiser and hopefully raise more money then expected.
Mr. Vicary said, “There is less pressure this year compared to past years because Cathedral Prep does not offer class trips [for underclassmen] anymore.” I asked Mr. Vicary what the senior class officers raise money for, and he told me that they help to fund prom, class trips (although not this year), a portion of senior banquet, and portion of senior breakfast.  I was a little disappointed when I found out that the senior officers have only started one fundraiser because I wanted cheap prom tickets. But, Mr. Vicary assured me that no matter what money we raise, Cathedral Prep’s prom is the cheapest around. Jack Kelly declined to comment.