TV Review: Prison Break

January 20, 2017

Prison Break is an American, dramatic yet intense show. It was filmed and aired between the years of 2005-2009. The show has included four seasons and 81 episodes. Each episode leaves you in suspense. It is another Netflix show that you find yourself addicted to. The combination of the scenes with vulgarities and suspicious schemes make Prison Break intense.

A summary of this show may be too long for it’s keeping. The moral of the story is for their circle of friends that have been created along the way including family, to break each other out of each prison. They are held in while escaping freely without any trouble. Without any trouble is never the case. There is always a situation coming upon them.

A majority of the people thought Prison Break was done. However, they recently posted a picture on their Twitter page that had in Morse Code the date of the new season. The new season is being released April 4, 2017. Why Morse Code, you ask? The main character, Michael, talks to the love his life, Sarah, through Morse Code and origami.

After the 4th season, the audience was devastated in the outcome. The show has finally come to an end when Michael’s grave is shown with his remaining family over it, looking down upon him. Could Michael still be alive or does the show go on within his brother’s life? Stay tuned April 4, 2017, on Fox.

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