Quarterback controversy could be brewing in Cleveland


The Rambler

The Cleveland Browns have a chance to make the playoffs. As a lifelong, diehard Browns fan, opportunities like this do not come around very often for Cleveland’s football team. The city and Cleveland Browns fans have a glimpse of hope for their beloved team. The return of LeBron James to the Cavaliers and drafting of Heisman trophy winning, college phenom quarterback Johnny Manziel have created excitement in Believeland. The Manziel hype is real, but Brian Hoyer is still the man for the Browns.
Head coach Mike Pettine stands behind Brian Hoyer and named him the starter for Sunday’s home game against the Colts. This past week Brian Hoyer played terrible against the Bills, which led to rookie sensation Johnny Manziel entering the game in the fourth quarter. Manziel led the offense 80 yards down the field capped by a 10-yard touchdown run by Manziel. Manziel has only seen playing time a couple times this season, but when he was called in to quarterback this past Sunday he was ready. Brian Hoyer remains the starter in Cleveland, but he is closer to being on the hot seat in Cleveland.
Young stunner Johnny Manziel has showed the fans he can play, and if Hoyer continues to play poorly, “Johnny Football” chants might ring in First Energy Stadium this Sunday. Brian Hoyer has thrown six interceptions and only one touchdown the last four games. Clearly Hoyer is struggling, and Manziel is ready to take over. When Manziel was asked about becoming the man for the quarterback job he said, “If that is the case and my name is called, then I definitely will be ready.”  Whether Coach Pettine believes Manziel is ready is unclear, but the quarterback position could see another familiar change in Cleveland in the near future.