Super Bowl XLIX Preview


The Rambler

Super Bowl XLIX will be held this Sunday, Feb. 1., and it will be played at the University Of Phoenix stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will be the two teams playing. These are the best two teams in the NFL, and it’s going to be a hard fought game.
The Seahawks have a great running back, Marshawn Lynch, and a great quarterback, Russell Wilson, who can run and stay in the pocket and pass. They also have some shifty wide receivers who can make plays after the catch. They also have a great secondary that can defend very well when the ball is in the air and who also can come up and lay the lumber on any ball carrier. They also have some defensive linemen who are quick for their size and can get to the quarterback or stop the run if needed. They also have some key linebackers who are a little bit underrated, but they seem to always make a play in the backfield.
In order for the Seahawks to put the game out of reach, their defense must find ways to get the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands quick. They can’t let him sit in the pocket and have all day to throw because if he has time to scan the field and find open receivers he will pick the Seattle defense apart. The Patriots defense does have star cornerback Darrelle Revis who can make plays if a quarterback  makes a bad throw. The Patriots don’t have a lot of key factors on defense. They just have some guys who play together and play for each other every play. The media is saying this is one of the best Super Bowl matchups in a long time, and everybody is waiting to see who the winner of Super Bowl XLIX will be.