Prep senior brings Lord of the Flies to the stage


The Rambler

The classic novel The Lord of the Flies will be brought to the stage on this Palm Sunday weekend by the students of Cathedral Prep. The play is being directed by Cathedral Prep senior Jack Kelly, making this the first student-directed play in the history of the school. The schools regular play director, Fr. Mike DeMartinis, will be helping out with choreography. The play offers a unique experience for show goers, as they will be on the stage with the performers. This is in hope to create an atmospheric, interactive, movie-like experience for audience members.
Director Jack Kelly has taken an artistic license and made a special change to the original script. Instead of the actors using the names from the novel, actors will call each other by their real names, making reactions on stage more authentic.
Early on in production, the show has already hit a couple road blocks. The role of the antagonist was originally going to be played by senior Hunter Emerson, but he was forced to resign from the part after two weeks of rehearsal due to scheduling conflicts. As a solution, Kelly has taken the role for himself, giving him little time to prepare for a huge role.
This play is going to be awesome. There are no dull moments. It is very technical, and everybody should go see it. If you go to this play, rest assured you  will have a good time.