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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: First Place (Daniel Anthony, Opinion Category); Fifth Place (Brendan Jubulis, Sports)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)
Student Keystone Press Awards Honorable Mention (Website)

Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Madness in the Rambler Bracket Challenge


The 2015 Rambler Bracket Challenge is shaping up to be a close one. Heading into the Final Four, the highest score that could have been achieved was 1,280 points. As of right now, there are only three people in all of Cathedral Prep who scored above 1,000 points: junior Thomas Rosenthal (1,050 points), sophmore Josh Heberlein (1,010 points) and social studies teacher Mr. Parsons (1,010 points). Their Final Four teams are all intact, except for Mr. Parsons who had Arizona over Wisconsin, which was a costly pick.
The surprising fact is that all three have different championship teams, including Wisconsin over Duke (Thomas), Duke over Kentucky (Josh), and Kentucky over Duke (Parsons). Of the top 10 remaining entries, 40 percent of them have Kentucky winning the national title. Another 30 percent has Duke taking the crown, and the remaining 30 percent have teams that are no longer in the tournament or have Wisconsin cutting down the nets.
Now for the people that will go down in infamy for having the worst picks in the competition. The bottom three contestants are sophomore Andrew Haverly, who used the random number generator to pick the winners, causing him to record what has to be the worst score in the history of the contest with 190 points and no teams left past the Sweet 16. Second to last is The Rambler‘s very own junior editor, Joe Sala. Joe was pulling for some upsets to set himself apart in the bracket, but ultimately it led him to utter defeat as he has no teams left in the Final Four. Finally, the third worst bracket among the 50+ entered is also another member of The Rambler, senior Oliver Wiesner. “Weez,” as he is known by friends, was looking to ride the Iowa State train all the way to Indianapolis with the Cyclones hoisting the title. Sadly, the team didn’t even making it out of the first round, falling to 14-seeded UAB. When asked about the bracket, he felt that he “was rushed” and “needed more time.”
The Final Four takes place this Saturday and the championship takes place Monday night, the day after Easter. The winners for the tournament will receive their prizes the week Prep returns from Easter break, so good luck to the entrants with chances to win and thanks for playing to all who entered. See the updated standings below:

First Name Last Name Score Entering Sweet 16 Score Entering Final 4
Thomas Rosenthal 450 1050
Josh Heberlein 410 1010
Mr. Parsons 450 1010
Niklas Bitters 470 990
Kyle Carter 500 920
Peter Bloomstine 450 890
Nick Hardner 470 870
Tyler Smith 390 870
Mrs. Kim 410 850
Chris Muldrew 410 850
Jed Bartos 460 820
Mark Majewski 420 820
Muhamed Pehlic 460 820
Edward Ruff III 380 820
Kyle Martin 450 810
Noah Noble 410 810
Tino Scutella 410 810
Daniel Serafin 450 810
Chad Zaczyk 410 810
Mr. Colwell 400 800
Mark Leone 420 780
Brian Buseck 390 750
Kyle Carman 430 750
Matt Conrad 460 750
Ryan Dyne 350 750
Kevin Bello 380 740
Keegan Farver 450 730
Joshua Kovalcin 450 730
Rory Monahan 450 730
Justin Whitman 410 730
Eli Chase 430 710
Albert Taylor 390 710
Noah Nicolia 380 700
Luke Baloga 410 690
Robby Quinn 450 690
Philip Cammarata 440 680
Matt Fessler 420 660
Sean Reed 340 660
Dillon Elliott 370 650
Maurice House 450 650
Mr. Hubert 370 650
Jack Kelly 370 650
Jared Ordos 370 650
Jack Zaphiris 370 650
Jonathan Szymczek 430 630
Zarek Causgrove 380 620
Daniel Bauman 290 610
Ryan Misko 350 590
John Ogeka 390 590
Ryan Signorino 340 540
Austin Bovee 440 520
Bryan Carlson 390 510
Doug Spizarny 380 500
Nathan Serafin 400 480
Oliver Wiesner 320 440
Joe Sala 300 380
Andrew Haverly 190 190
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