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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

How to ask someone to homecoming

Junior David Tullio ponders his potential homecoming proposal plan.
Junior David Tullio ponders his potential homecoming proposal plan.

Everyone has heard of promposals. The word combines the words prom and proposal and can be defined as asking someone to prom, often in an elaborate way. These have been popular for many years, but just recently another trend has emerged: homecoming proposals.
A homecoming proposal, for all practical purposes, is the same thing as a promposal, though it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. The main difference would be that a homecoming proposal is a proposal to homecoming as opposed to prom. With the increasing use of Instagram and other social media, homecoming proposals have become expected by many teenage girls, whether teenage guys like it or not.
Many think of it as a fun way to show that special someone that they care, while others see it as an unnecessary annoyance. Regardless of which side you are on, if you want a homecoming date, it seems to be a necessary step to getting one. If you can’t think of an idea, don’t worry. Several gentlemen here at Prep have offered their personal stories of homecoming proposals, and hopefully they can spark some ideas. Here are their firsthand accounts:
Dominic MacArthur, Freshman
Type of Proposal: Inside Joke
“I asked Laurel by getting flowers and making a sign with a joke that only a small group of friends would get. I did it this way because I feel like it kept it more personable than the other regular ones (homecoming proposal strategies) that anyone can use to ask anybody. I also had help from her friends on brainstorming the idea and when to do it. In the end she said yes.”
Dominic Montefiori, Sophomore
Type of Proposal: Classic Flowers
“Last year I showed up to my date’s house with flowers and asked her. She said yes.”
Dillon Elliott, Junior
Type of Proposal: Sports Themed
“This year for homecoming I was a bit set back because I didn’t know how to ask this girl. My friend Franco Agnello had just asked a girl from McDowell, and I was expected to ask her friend. So Franco and I were pondering some ideas off of each other for me to ask this girl named Natalie. Natalie is a cheerleader for the school in Millcreek. As we all know, the song ‘Cheerleader’ has been very popular to the public ear. So I based my idea off of that song. In the first two lines of the chorus it goes, ‘Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader, she’s always right there when I need her’ so I wrote that down on a poster. I had another slip of paper that said ‘Homecoming?’ that I attached to a cheer pom pom. I then went with Franco to her cheer practice and surprised her with my poster board and the pom pom. She was very surprised and she happily said yes.”
Joshua Kovalcin, Junior
Type of Proposal: Food Pun
“For my homecoming proposal I decided to make a creative poster board asking my date to the dance. My board read, ‘It’d be sweet if you went to homecoming with me!” and I also taped an assortment of candies to the board. I thought this was a pretty good idea, and my date must’ve thought the same thing because she said yes.”
Hopefully some of these stories are helpful in instigating proposal ideas. All of them are great, but it’s important to realize that it depends on who is being asked. One girl may prefer something elaborate, while another may be completely happy with “Classic Flowers.” If inside joke is used, make sure she will in fact get the joke. If you choose to go with a sports theme, make sure it pertains to her sport. If food is involved, note which foods she enjoys the most and use one of those.
Girls are all unique individuals, just like us fellas. They have emotions and personal preferences. When it comes to homecoming proposals, one size does not fit all. The proposal stories above may not apply to your particular girl’s interests, but hopefully they help you think of something that does.

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