Student Profile: Nick Frisina, rising Vine star

Brian Buseck

“Do it for the vine!” This not-so-old adage is a common thing to hear for anyone under the age of 25. Many jokingly throw this term around, but for Cathedral Prep junior Nick Frisina, it’s a way of life.
Nick began making vines sometime during last October. Interestingly enough, his first vine was shot in Sharon, Pa., not in his hometown Erie. For those unfamiliar with the term, a “vine,” is a short clip, up to six seconds in length, that plays continuously on loop. These clips tend to be very random and have some sort of comedic value. Nick’s are no exceptions.
The younger readers of The Rambler may already be avid users of Vine, and may have witnessed some of
Nick’s vines. The one where he takes his shirt off at the pool and reveals a mustache-shaped patch of chest hair is a personal favorite. It was the kind of randomness that can only come from the mind of a comedic genius. Nick is also skilled at puns, one time asking someone to “comb over,” while stroking his comb over.
Nick chose a different vine as his own favorite. His favorite vine that was one that his father was a part of in which Nick is sifting through a large sack of peanuts. When asked if it took much convincing to get his dad to partake in the fun, he replied, “No, he’s always been supportive of me being funny and liked my vines, so I thought that would be a good one to get him in on.”
His family is certainly supportive of his comedic pursuits. He often bounces ideas off of his brother Dom and cousin Matt, and their comedic personalities tend to rub off on one another.
Nick Frisina is a student, family man, and rising Vine star. If you see him in the halls, say hey, and maybe see if he’ll feature you in one of his vines.