Alumni Profile: David Weston (’03)

Alumni Profile: David Weston (03)

The Rambler

Weston_DaveMr. David Weston was a graduate of the Cathedral Prep class of 2003. Weston has had a long history with Cathedral Prep, including time served with the school as a social studies teacher and debate director.
He remembers his time as a student at Prep fondly. His favorite events were his debates and the Prep rallies, which were the sources of some of his best memories. Prep was an easy choice to make because the academic challenges and the unique social dynamic made for a brotherhood and friendships that last, as well as giving a great opportunity for college recruitment.
Weston thought very highly of the faculty. He noted that his teachers were amazing and incredibly unique individuals. Some of his favorites include Mr. Achille, Mr. Czytuck, and most especially Fr. Hahn. As previously stated, while at Prep Weston developed a lifelong love for debate, which has served as the basis for his professional career.
Weston served as the debate director at Prep for a number of years. The reasons debate appealed to him and continue to appeal to him is because it pertains to current events, politics, philosophy, and a host of other topics that are discussed in a civil way as well as the intense competition. Weston now works as a high school social studies teacher and serves as the debate director in the Chicago area, further emphasizing the lifelong influence debate has had on him.
Weston got married in May of 2015 and enjoys traveling with his wife. Together they have traveled all over the world from Puerto Rico to the many countries in Europe, but his favorite had to be Paris. When questioned why Paris was his favorite destination, Weston said, “Paris has a lot of history, is very large, and a cosmopolitan environment. The people are very friendly and the food is incredible.”
Today Weston lives in Evanston, Ill., but he fondly remembers his time in Erie. “Erie is a great place to grow up and has a lot going for it. Prep is a great school, and if I ever had to do it over again I would still go to Prep.” In departure he had some words of advice for high schoolers everywhere, “Don’t worry so much. Everything will work out in the end, and you’ll be all right. You don’t have to plan so far ahead you miss what’s happening now, and most importantly be true to yourself.”