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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Movie Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a family favorite that will leave everyone with a wide smile; in addition it will give the audience a better outlook on life. It is a movie with an array of great adventures, many humorous scenes, and an awesome resolution that will ensure everyone’s utmost attention. The plot takes you through the life of a very ordinary man, Walter Mitty, who is unhappy with the way things are currently turning out in his life. He constantly dreams of a different, more thrilling, life. However, that was not possible for him because of a few factors in his life. Walter’s father died when he was in his early teenage years. From then on, he has been the father figure for his family. He had to work a job year-round to help his mother pay for the necessities of life.
To get away from his boring reality, Walter drifts into a different world that takes place in his head. His family calls this world his “zone.” While in this amazing and glorious imaginary world, Walter is the man that he wishes he really could be. He sticks up for himself, climbs massive mountains, and flies around like a superhero. These are the adventures that would truly make Walter satisfied with life. Instead of being this well-versed adventurer, Walter has had to spend most of his life working for Life magazine, and his job is not the most intriguing way to spend a day. He works as a “negative asset handler” and basically does nothing until he is needed. This great boredom leaves Walter with more than enough time to dream up new and improved versions of himself. Walter was finally able to put his dreams of being an awesome adventurer into action, when all of a sudden a certain picture goes missing. This picture was supposedly the greatest picture ever and his boss, Adam Scott, blamed Walter for the vanishing frame. In order to save his job, Walter embarks on a heroic journey that in the end will change everything in his life.
The genre of this movie is adventure, because the majority of this movie is based on Walter’s expedition in the one-of-a-kind picture. The movie is portrayed with such aesthetic beauty. Every scene shows a new amazing view of the beautiful Earth we call home. Walter travels all over the world and always seems to end up in jaw-dropping, beautiful places.
On his journey, Walter is surrounded, almost drowned, in the vast amount of obstacles that stand in his way of finding himself. He defeats these obstacles in the most fascinating ways. For example, jumping out of a helicopter into shark-infested waters, or long-boarding down an extremely steep road which leads him towards an erupting volcano. The beauty that this movie possess is unmatched.
The beauty in the landscape makes every scene fantastic, which in return holds the audience’s attention. Stiller brought only his best while filming this movie, and his performance could be compared to other movies that he is in like, Night at the Museum or While We’re Young. Ben Stiller’s performance as Walter Mitty was so ravishing because in every scene his body language perfectly portrayed that of his character, the average, shy, low-life man.
This movie is a perfect nighttime treat that you and your family will enjoy. It will grant you priceless family time. Not only will your children see a great movie, but they will also learn that it is never too late to turn your life around. Throughout this movie, Walter seems to have lost his place in the world. He has no hope. The only glimpse of hope remaining is to win over his crush, Cheryl. Instead of moping around all day about how tough his life is, Walter goes and makes the most out of his life. According to, the movie runs for about two hours and is rated PG because of some crude comments, bad language, and occasional violence. You will not regret seeing this movie!

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  • D

    Daniel AnthonyJan 21, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    This movie was the single best thing to have ever happened to Greenland’s tourism industry.