Dang* Daniel: A cultural phenomenon

Dang* Daniel: A cultural phenomenon

Brian Buseck

The Internet is a crazy place. It is a place where one can find funny cat videos, humorous gifs and memes, and purchase a quality rice cooker. Recently, a new viral video has surfaced that outshines Grumpy Cat and that godforsaken yellow and white/blue and black dress. The latest viral video has become known as “Dang* Daniel.”
The compilation of Snapchat videos that was tweeted in recent days follows Daniel Lara around what looks to be a school campus with the cameraman shouting “Danggggggg* Daniel,” and then complimenting the young man’s outfit. The most famous quote from the Snapchat compilation is “Dangggggggg* Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans.” Daniel does indeed look good in his attire, sporting some trendy white Vans, and the narrator has an infectious voice that makes this video an Internet phenomenon.
In the past day a huge news story has broken on the World Wide Web that intrigued all fans of the Dang* Daniel video. A rumor spread that Daniel Lara had been jumped and beaten up by some thugs on his way home from a night out on Friday night, all so the thugs could steal his famous white Vans. There were even white Vans being auctioned off on eBay as the very Vans. There was an article posted on huzlers.com about this incident, but it turns out that this article is a hoax. Daniel Lara is actually unharmed, and continued tweeting from his Twitter account like nothing happened. He is still in possession of the famous white Vans.

Daniel Scutella acts as if nothing is wrong, despite his mind being in a state of turmoil.
Daniel Scutella acts as if nothing is wrong, despite his mind being in a state of turmoil.

With the Dang* Daniel video being so popular, all Daniels in the world have been greatly affected. When asked what has changed in his life due to the Internet meme, Junior Daniel Scutella said “Nothing much, except people keep coming up to me and saying ‘Dangggg* Daniel.’ Other than that everything’s pretty much the same.”
Junior Daniel Chludzinski has had more of a dramatic experience. Dan explained to me his altered daily routine, “It has affected me by getting raided on my way to class with people saying dang* Daniel to me on their Snapchat. I try my best to sprint to each class to avoid the madness. I do plan on buying a pair of white Vans so I can be more like the real dang* Daniel.” It seems that he does not appreciate being compared to the famous Daniel, but at the same time wishes to be more like him, causing him to want to purchase his own white Vans.
Senior Daniel Brugger complained that “The level of annoyance has been growing rapidly and I have considered a legal name change. The human in the video does not represent the uniqueness of the real Daniels found in our world and that is very unfortunate.”
Daniel Anthony gazes into the distance, wondering if the “Dang* Daniel” taunts will ever end.

Senior Daniel Anthony displayed a similar level of dissatisfaction, saying, “I have been constantly harassed for the past five days by people yelling ‘Dang* Daniel’ at me every time I walk down the halls or whenever I answer a question from a teacher in any of my classes. It is really annoying. I don’t even wear Vans. My white shoes are New Balance’s.”
A Spanish slideshow of Mrs. Lopez's uses the name Daniel repeatedly, showing that the influence of the Dang* Daniel video is everywhere.
A Spanish slideshow of Mrs. Lopez’s uses the name Daniel repeatedly, showing that the influence of the Dang* Daniel video is everywhere.

While many Daniels have had their worlds turned upside down like Mr. Brugger and Mr. Anthony, some have been unaffected. Junior Daniel Taylor explained, “As I do not have a Twitter, I have not seen the video until about one minute ago. I had not realized that people have been saying it to me so I am unaffected.” Well said, Daniel.
This Internet video has become very popular, and affects more than just the people who watch it. I think I speak for everyone when I say “Dang* (Daniel).”
* indicates that the word is not the actual word used in the video, but rather a synonym that is appropriate for a school website