Nicolia wins intramural poker tournament


Nick Frisina

Wednesday, Feb. 24, marked the annual intramural poker tournament at Prep. The poker game was held by the director of intramurals, Mr. Alexa. The poker game had a special guest dealer, Mr. Mezler, a former history teacher at Cathedral Prep.
The game started out with a field of 19 players, the largest turnout in the history of the tournament at Prep. There were three different tables filled with cards, chips and players. The game moved rather quickly and players were eliminated quicker than they expected. Senior Dan Anthony was one of those players that was eliminated early. Anthony, who went into the tournament confident to leave with a win, was disappointed about his devastating loss. When asked about his early exit from the tournament he sadly responded with a Latin phrase, “veni, vidi, amissa,” which translates to mean “I came, I saw, I lost.”
Quickly the game dwindled down to two tables, and finally within an hour there was only one table of players competing for the title. The final five players consisted of seniors Noah Nicolia and Dominic Frisina as well as juniors Doug Spizarny and Nick Frisina and freshman Sean Hart. The last hand was dealt before 5 p.m. on Wednesday night and was postponed until Thursday afternoon.
Thursday arrived and the final five were at the table. Junior Doug Spizarny took the first fall, followed by Dominic Frisina, and then Nick Frisina. The final two were Noah Nicolia and Sean Hart. After getting a full house Noah Nicolia won the poker tournament.
The next intramural event will be the handball tournament.