2016 NFL Mock Draft Top 5 Picks


The Rambler

The NFL Draft will be held April 28-30, and there are a lot of top prospects that will be going in the first round. There are a lot of teams that are in need of certain positions, and a lot of teams that don’t need to do much work to improve their team.
The team in the NFL draft with the first pick this year is the Tennessee Titans. Since they just drafted a quarterback last year, it is doubtful that’s what they’re looking for going into the 2016 draft. NFL media analyst Daniel Jeremiah has the Titians going after Laremy Tunsil, the offense tackle from Mississippi who was the talk of the combine. He was graded 7.7, one of the highest linemen grades in the whole draft. Laremy will surely be selected in the first round if not with the first overall pick.
The team with the second pick is the Cleveland Browns. Charles Davis, another NFL media analyst, has the Browns picking quarterback Carson Wentz after spending their first round first selection of the draft two years ago on Johnny Manziel who was basically a mediocre quarterback, not what everybody expected.
The third pick of the draft is held by the San Diego Chargers. NFL analyst Daniel Jeremiah has the Chargers most likely trying to improve their defense and targeting Jalen Ramsey, a cornerback from Florida State.
The fourth pick of the NFL draft will go to the Dallas Cowboys who have spent there previous years’ picks on offensive linemen that improved their run and passing game. Dallas is now trying to put together a franchise defense according to the media. NFL analyst Bucky Brooks has the Cowboys going for Joey Bosa from Ohio State or DeForest Buckner from Oregon, both of whom are defensive ends that are projected to go in the first round.
The fifth pick of the draft will be made by the Jacksonville Jaguars who could put up points on offense last year. They just couldn’t stop anyone else. They are also looking to improve their defense. NFL analyst Lance Zierlein projects the Jaguars to snag Myles Jack, the linebacker from UCLA to try to close some gaps in that defense.