SADD sponsors Super Smash Bros. Tournament


The Rambler

This past Friday, April 22, Mr. Ferraro and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) hosted a Super Smash Bros. tournament for Wii U in his room after school. The tournament was fairly well attended by students of every grade level and spectators also stayed to enjoy the carnage. Sam McCormick was the winner.
The rules were timed matches with a five minute timer. The only stage allowed was big battlefield, and the only item active was the smash ball. For the uninitiated Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game series developed by Nintendo.
The concept is that iconic characters from all of Nintendo’s history fight each other for ultimate supremacy. The series has enjoyed incredible commercial success and has a very large, dedicated fan base. The newest version of the game is for two consoles, the Nintendo Wii U (which was used for the tournament) and was dual released for the Nintendo 3DS.
The game is simple in concept but deep in application. I also competed in this tournament and was unfortunately eliminated in the first round against the tournament organizer himself, Mr. Ferraro, playing his iconic Mr. Game & Watch, versus my Cloud Strife. The match was down to the wire as he only secured his third KO with 15 seconds left in the match. Up until that point we were tied for KOs. He then stated after the match that, “That match was the most intense match I’ve ever played. I don’t think I breathed for the entire time.”
The next big Super Smash Bros. tournament will be during Spirit, Mind, and Body Day, which will be held on Friday, May 20.