Student Profile: Charles “Trey” Deitrick III


Brian Stark

Charles Deitrick III, better known as Trey, is a senior at Cathedral Prep and currently serving his first year as an anchor of the Rambler News. Trey volunteers every morning by being an anchor along with fellow senior Luke Baloga. Together they present news to teachers and students on the TV every morning.
Trey feels strongly about letting everyone know what is happening on any given day. “People need to know what the day entails, and that the ever-changing script keeps me on my toes!” The morning news is headed by Mr. Ronuel Viera, who is also in his first year overseeing the news.
He has already made some changes. Mr. Viera changed the news opener with some different footage and a remixed version of the school song “Loyal & True.” “The opener will evolve as a I acquire more footage, but I have some other ideas in the works,” Mr. Viera said.
Trey also brings his own new twist to the news as anchor. “I can really spice up the news this year”, he said. We have seen this in the script with small bits of humor and much more fun involved with guests such as rally crew members.
The morning news is headed in a great direction with the cast of characters that make it all possible. Mr. Viera said, “both Trey and Luke have been more proactive about being anchors than I expected. They are both new to this and are both doing a great job.” The effort that Trey, Mr. Viera and Luke put into it everyday does not go unnoticed. Prep as a community thanks them for their efforts, and we look forward to more changes in the near future.