First Quarter Sessions of 2016-17 school year honors academic achievements


Brian Buseck

Cathedral Prep prides itself on being a College Preparatory School, providing students with the resources and skills to succeed with collegiate education after high school. This focus on academics is celebrated at the end of each quarter during Quarter Sessions. On Wednesday, Nov. 23, Cathedral Prep held the first quarter sessions assembly of the 2016-2017 school year.
As with all school events at Prep, it began with a prayer. Senior Trey Deitrick delivered the opening prayer and did a stellar job. Then the festivities began. Traditionally, class advisors announce who received honors cards and hand out said cards. Students can receive either first honors or second honors. Those who get an A in each class receive first honors, and those who get A’s and B’s in each class receive second honors. After being handed their honor cards, students receive one of those classic Fr. Jabo handshakes. Every Man of Prep strives to emulate his handshake technique.
At each quarter sessions assembly there is a sort of competition between all four classes for the most honor cards (by percentage of class). The freshmen received 18 first honor cards and 51 second honor cards, for a class percentage with honor cards of 50.36 percent. The sophomores received 13 first honor cards and 67 second honor cards, for a class percentage with honor cards of 57.14 percent. The juniors received 7 first honor cards and 65 second honor cards, for a class percentage with honor cards of 52.55 percent. The seniors received 6 first honor cards and 39 second honor cards, for a class percentage with honor cards of 38.14 percent. Awards are also given to the student(s) in each class with the highest QPA. Freshman Franklin Glance, sophomores Alexander Kolodychak and Jared Heidt, junior Christopher Parks, and senior Douglas Spizarny received these awards.
As per usual, after the academic awards the student body welcomed a guest speaker to the stage. This session’s speaker was Mr. James Sertz, Class of 1961. He began by stating that he wouldn’t talk too long so the students could be dismissed early, which was met with applause. The main point of his speech was that many things have changed since he went to Prep, but he believes that Prep is currently at its prime. To thank him, Prep gave him some free spirit wear.
This year a new award was introduced to Prep’s Quarter Sessions. Towards the end of the assembly Mr. Smith announced that they would now be giving out the Man of Prep Award to a member of each class. The Man of Prep Award goes to a student who does not necessarily have all A’s and B’s (though they may) but contributes to the atmosphere of Cathedral Prep athletically and spiritually in an admirable fashion. It’s all about embodying Prep’s mission statement, “Developing men of vision in spirit, mind, and body.” The first-time award went to freshman Ethan Neff, sophomore Paul Causgrove, junior Nick Dinner, and senior Joe Theiss.
Congratulations to all those honored at the first quarter sessions of the year. Keep up the good work!