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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Movie Review: Boss Baby


The 2017 movie Boss Baby is an animated comedic movie that has just came to theaters. I recently went into the theater to go see it and there were maybe 10 people maximum there. I was afraid that I had wasted my money and time for this movie. However, I was wrong about my assumption. This movie surprised me with how well thought out the plot was.
Boss Baby starts out with the process of babies. No, not the actual process but how they are brought down from basically heaven. Every baby is acting normal and how babies are supposed to act except the actual Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin). Situations such as every baby getting socks out on their feet but he is so confused by the whole thing that they end up on his hands. One obstacle determined if they were destined for a regular baby life or an adult life. This obstacle was based off of the fact of if they were ticklish or not. All the babies were giggling when a feather hit their stomach but not the Boss Baby. When he was up, he did not get ticklish. In fact, he was hit the other way towards Business. They put a suit on him and attached a brief case to him.
The plot is quite interesting as the Boss Baby makes a huge impact on a family’s life. The 7-year-old kid, Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi), was an only child until this baby came in. You can see how that might affect Tim and the attention time. The baby got all of the attention and Tim did not get anything. One night, Tim’s parents (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel) pass out on the couch. He heads upstairs to hear talking coming from the baby’s room. He begins to sneakily crack the door open to find out that the baby is talking. He busts through the door to make sure he caught him in the act. The baby tries to play it off but that doesn’t work. Tim is onto him. The baby starts talking to Tim as if Tim was his assistant. This starts out how the Boss Baby thinks and acts.
The Boss Baby is not there for family but on a mission. He works for Baby Corp. and his goal is to get the percents back up to babies over dogs. If he doesn’t complete his task in this household then he will not be in the hall of fame for business babies and get his own luxury office. Along with that, he will be fired.
No spoilers will be revealed here regarding what happened and how it happened. Go check on in for yourself, as I highly recommend this movie. It is perfect for kids and acceptable for adults, too.

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