Ramblers enjoy successful first quarter of 2013-14 school year


The Rambler

The first quarter of this year is already in the history books. As we move on to the second quarter, it’s important that we look back and cherish some of the great things that happened this past quarter. The first quarter featured many memorable moments, such as the freshman vs. senior game show at a rally, Mr. Achille faking a heart attack for the McDowell rally, Prep’s fall sports team doing very well, and a great assembly from Prep alum Justin Fatica.
During the 1st quarter Prep has had two rallies so far, which have both had their ups and downs. The first rally was for the football game against Strong Vincent. The best thing about this rally was the seniors vs. freshmen trivia game which clearly showed who the better class was. The freshmen didn’t even know what linear meant which led to a Mr. Achille rant.
The second of the two rallies was for the McDowell football game. On rally day Mr. Achille faked a heart attack during lunch. He then hid out in the office for the remainder of the day before coming out in a coffin before the hyped up school. At the end of his speech he ripped off his shirt which revealed the block P painted on his chest. He then led one of the most memorable P-R-E-P chants in memory in front of the entire school.
The Prep fall sports teams have been doing great so far this year. The football team has a record of 10-0 and has pushed their win streak to 25 games without a loss. The team is led by seniors quarterback Billy Fessler, running back Jake DeHart and wide out Alex Greenawalt. They look to keep their season going Nov. 15 in the D-10 semifinals. They will play either Conneaut or Oil City.
The cross country team did very well this year. They missed winning the D-10 meet by a mere two points. However, senior Pat Kloecker qualified for the AAA state meet. He represented Prep meet and was the top finisher for District 10.
Prep’s golf team had a fantastic outing this year. They won the D-10 match, and senior Andrew Britton shot a 73. They then took sixth place in the state PIAA team championships.
The soccer team finished their season with a 10-8 record. They lost the D-10 final match to McDowell by a goal. They were led by seniors Ted Martin and Justin Hilbrich.
The water polo team had a very good season as well. They placed 6th at the state championship tournament. Seniors Steve Bretz and Lucas Buseck were named honorable mentions on the all-state team. Senior Zach Miller was named to second team all-state and junior Daniel Bauman was named to first team all-state.
The first quarter also included a great assembly from Prep alum Justin Fatica. The assembly started off with some Prep cheers to get the students rowdy. He then went into an activity in which two students fought each other with a foam beam.  Fatica then began to do what he does best; he started to get emotional while still staying tough. He brought up his own life struggles and how he has overcome them. He even had students come up and share their own struggles. This really led to the school becoming closer as brothers, and many of the students began to really change their ways.
The first quarter had its ups and downs, but it was a good quarter overall in all aspects.  As we move into the second quarter we look forward to more memorable moments happening and more success from Prep students in sports and in the classroom.