Alumni Profile: Gary Pasqualicchio (’08)

Alec Thomas

A long and prestigious line of distinguished Prep alumni have walked through the halls at Cathedral Prep, proudly wearing black and orange. They have gone on to do great works in the community and lead by example. As a Man of Prep, Gary Pasqualicchio, a proud graduate and benefactor, has integrated that Prep spirit into his life. He has carried his legacy with him far into his professional career.
Gary Pasqualicchio graduated as a part of the class of 2008. While at Cathedral Prep he was a part of the school’s debate team and played an active role in student government. In addition to excelling in the classroom, Pasqualicchio played varsity tennis for the Ramblers all four years and was named captain his senior year. After graduation, he attended Wake Forest University for his undergraduate degree and received his graduate degree at Ohio University. Since graduation, Pasqualicchio has worked alongside some of the world’s best. At GF Sports he often collaborated with some of the ATP’s finest tennis players, as well as taking job opportunities with the Sacramento Kings, and the Erie Otters. He currently works at NBC where he is the social media manger of Sunday Night Football.
Pasqualicchio was always destined to be a Rambler. Both his father and his grandfather created a lineage he was proud to be a part of. “Prep was the perfect school for me. Being from Erie, and having my father and grandfather go there as well, the unparalleled academic and athletics, made it an easy choice.”
Pasqualicchio recalled the time spent with his brothers as some of the best moments of his life. “My favorite Prep memories were on the bus trips to basketball playoff games. There is something about it that I just enjoyed more than anything else,” he said.
Prep’s influence is much more than any sporting event. The vision of Prep is to prepare men for life after athletics, with a strong and rigorous curriculum. “Prep prepared my for the next chapter of my life perfectly,” he said. “I had great mentors and friends that helped me get where I am today.”
These mentors and friends have been invaluable to Pasqualicchio’s success with the sizable amount of Prep’s connections nationally. “Prep taught me a sense of responsibility. Prep held me accountable to my work and actions, and instilled in me a work ethic that has helped me immensely.”
Pasqualicchio’s connection to Prep and to the tennis team still hasn’t left, even ten years after graduation. He has been a coach of the Rambler tennis team over the past few seasons with fellow classmate Pat Grab (’05). “I think it’s important to give back, and tennis is something I love. It’s a great social sport you can play for life, and it teaches so many great lessons like teamwork and sacrifice. These qualities are vital to success for many of our players, but also in their professional and social lives moving forward.”
Being apart of the Prep brotherhood is an honor that very few have the opportunity to be a part of. He recalls his time here for those who will follow in his footsteps. “I think it’s most important that you are able to enjoy your time here and appreciate being part of such a great school. [The] brotherhood extends far beyond the walls here. So many of us take this opportunity for granted, but we must make sure that we become the best we can be during our time here.”