Albuquerque spa’s “vampire facials” may have exposed customers to HIV


Robbie Wierbinski

Health officials recently uncovered that anyone who received a “vampire facial” or any type of injection from VIP Spa in New Mexico might be subject to HIV and should get tested. The New Mexico Department of Health found on Tuesday that a client of the VIP Spa may have contracted some infection from the spa. The spa was issued a cease and desist letter and closed immediately, the department said.
The New Mexico Department of Health asked for an interview or any type of context on the matter, but the spa declined. With all being done normally, this is a plasma rich protein facial. This involves drawing blood from a person, which gives it the name “vampire facial.” The plasma from the blood is then extracted and that plasma has all the nutrients in it. These nutrients help the skin in growth. The plasma is then layered on top of the skin through small needles called a micro-needling pen.
“As long as proper protocols are followed and there is no sharing of equipment for patients,” he said, “then it should not be an issue.”
These needles should be cleaned properly and sterile. “As long as proper protocols are followed and there is no sharing of equipment for patients then it should not be an issue,” said Dr. Kenneth Mark, a dermatologist in New York.”
Clients should also make sure that not only this organization but also others should make sure everyone is following protocol and is sterile. “Hand washing, and wearing gloves, wearing masks when appropriate, disposing of waste appropriately including blood-related wastes,” among other precautions, said Dr. Mark. “All those things need to be in place.”
Many celebrities have gotten the vampire facial, including Kim Kardashian, who appeared to have some type of reaction to this procedure.