Flash From the Past: Derrick Rose scores 50


Stan Kinecki

On Wednesday night, there was a flashback to the past of former NBA MVP Derrick Rose. On Wednesday night, Rose’s Timberwolves, without starters Jimmy Butler and Jeff teague, were taking on the Utah Jazz. This meant the Timberwolves would have to run their offense through Rose, who was formerly the league’s youngest MVP ever.
Seven years ago, Rose was an all-star and face of the Chicago Bulls franchise when he drove into the lane and landed awkwardly on his leg. He remained down on the court. Instantly, all Bulls fans fell silent and held their breath, hoping for the best. No team wants to see there star player lying on the court hurt with it possibly being a season-ending or career-ending injury. It was later announced that Rose had torn his ACL. His season was over, and it was the beginning of a downhill trend for the young promising star.
After Rose returned to the court, he was never the same player. Over the next 3 years after returning to the game from a torn ACL, he suffered a pair of meniscus tears. He had such a bright future when he won youngest MVP, but due to the many knee injuries his play has been slowed down, and fans have never seen the player he used to be.
However, on Wednesday night, there was a bit of flashback to the young Rose fans once knew. He had a career high game of 50 points in a 128-125 win over the Utah Jazz. Rose was very emotional in his interview after the game as he reflected on how thankful he is for being able to overcome this injury. He thanked the Timberwolves organization for giving him the opportunity and believing in him.