Seniors anxious for finals next week


Jorge Barrios

The school year is coming to an end really quickly, especially for the seniors who finish classes next week. Some of the seniors are ready to get out already, and some don’t want to leave yet because the 2018-19 year has gone by so quickly. Wednesday is the last day of classes. Then students have finals on Thursday and Friday of next week.

One of the seniors, Gonzalo Fandino, said, “It’s crazy how fast the school year has gone by, but I do wish it was over because I’m ready for summer break before college.”

Another senior, Elijah Lyons, also said after being asked what are his thoughts on the finals, “I think that the finals are testing our whole year here in that class, but not every teacher is giving out a [cumulative] final. We still have to come in unlike previous years [when] we didn’t have to come in if we didn’t have a final or if we already took it before the date it was issued.”

Finals are one of the things that comes to mind to everyone in school because of the fact that everyone wants the school year to be over, and that is one of the biggest tests students will take. Knowing that it comes at the end of the year and once it is over then your school year is complete adds to the anticipation. For seniors, the end of finals are the last bit of school before graduation. Everyone is excited to move onto the next year and being closer and closer to finishing school and going into their future in whichever career, college, or business they decide to attend.