Sophomores enjoy retreat day


James Janicki

The sophomores traveled to Hagerty Family Event Center on Thursday, Sept. 19 for their class retreat. At the class retreat they experienced a talk from Tim Rydberg, who is the director of youth ministry at St. Joseph’s Bread of Life Community. The sophomores also celebrated Mass and participated in a handful of activities with their peers.

Tim Rydberg comes to the sophomore retreat every year to tell everyone his story and how he overcame it. Tim enjoys these retreats very much. “My goal with all these is to show everyone the grace of God and show what they can get out of it,” he said. Tim also likes to play soccer with the kids later on in the day.

The sophomores get a lot out of this day.

“I enjoy the spiritual connection and the outdoor activities because it helps me feel closer to God,” said sophomore Nick McCarthy.

After all the sophomores got their talk from Tim Rydberg they attended Mass led by Father Jason Feigh. After the Mass the students either got to eat lunch or go outside and play many activities in groups before switching stations. Some of these activities included soccer, football, and frisbee.

All in all, the day gives the sophomores a strong basis of what it is to be a man of Prep. It gives them a strong stepping stone to get through their final two-plus years at Cathedral Prep by showing them a strong faith background while connecting with their peers.