Netflix Movie of the Week: The Cabin in the Woods


The Rambler

cabininthewoodsLooking for something to watch on Netflix? No titles in your queue? Tired of scrolling through titles wondering which ones are actually worth the investment of time? This series has you covered.
You’d think this movie would be your basic horror movie. A couple of friends head out to a distant relative’s remote house deep in the woods. They drink a lot of alcohol and do a lot of drugs. Then they are killed in redundant ways that have be used over and over again. The Cabin in the Woods holds true to that but has a underlying theme that no other movie can slightly relate to. Not to spoil the entire plot, but this includes various monsters, government organizations, and ancient gods.
The main key plot point that is given out in the very beginning of the movie is that there is an organization with the technology to control all of the eventsNothi in the movie. For reasons unknown at the time, they have selected five stereotypical friends, unbeknownst to them, to participate in the upcoming slaughter. For a while, the movie carries on like your typical slasher, with the twist of the government being behind it. But eventually, they start to figure out the secrets. What happens next, you’ll have to watch and see.
This movie was very well made and kept me entertained the whole way through. The idea felt so original, and it was good to see something fresh. The acting was solid, in a way that I think it might of been done on purpose.
This movie was awesome, you should all check it out. I give it 4 1/2 outta 5 peaches.