Alumni Profile: Michael J. Parsons (’08)


Ryan Jubulis

Michael Parsons is a member of the Cathedral Prep class of 2008. He was a huge fan of Cathedral Prep from the beginning, starting with his father, and his brother Tony who both attended Prep. His proudest achievement is graduating from Prep, which he described as a “sad, emotional, but bittersweet moment.” It was important to say goodbye to his favorite teachers and friends. He is in contact with his friends quite often, trying to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings at least once a year. 

Parsons said his favorite thing about student life was “the memories about walking down the halls every day and just the camaraderie and the environment.”

His favorite part of the year was the first half of the year during football season. He loved hearing his Prep brothers in the student section and then winning a state championship was just just amazing for all of them. Then in the second half of the season, he would go support his brothers at water polo and basketball games. 

In Erie, and around the area, there is a lot of negative and positive feedback about Prep. Parsons mentions that he hears a bit more of negative feedback rather than positive just because people do not understand the traditions that Prep students and graduates have with their friends relatives and teachers. He has had firsthand experience with this because his father in-law believed that Prep was not the best out there when it came to kindness and respect. However, his daughter, a McDowell grad who is now Michael’s wife, became the water polo coach for a couple years. She received nothing but respect and kindness from the student athletes on the water polo team.

As mentioned earlier, Prep has always been in the Parsons family. When Michael’s brother, Tony, received a teaching job here at Prep, Michael was a bit jealous saying, “Man, he gets to stay here.” However, Michael has found a way to give back to Prep. Once a year, he comes in the auditorium to give a lecture for the junior achievement program that he offers. This program teaches students anything from picking a major and student loans to general financial literacy, retirement planning, 401(k)s, taxes, and insurances.

Parsons loves doing this for his alma mater. “It’s really rewarding to give back and know that you made an impact in someone’s life,” he said. 

After high school, Parsons attended Gannon University to major in finance. In the last semester of his senior year, his father, who was running a successful financial advising company, suddenly passed away. Parsons didn’t know if the company could last, but he has been keeping the company going for eight-and-a-half years now. His company prepares clients with 529s, 401(k), investing, etc. 

Mr. Michael J. Parsons is very proud about being a part of the brotherhood of Prep. He choose Prep because of the traditions he knew about, especially with his family.