What one thing do you miss the most that has been taken away from you because of the COVID-19 pandemic?


The Rambler

This week the students of Cathedral Prep had their first week of remote access instruction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily closing all schools in the state Pennsylvania and other parts of the nation. These are unprecedented times for students and teachers alike. Given the unusual circumstances, this week’s question of the week for The Rambler staff was “What one thing do you miss the most that has been taken away from you because of the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Nick Cacchione

I miss having the opportunity to play volleyball for Prep. Playing volleyball was a way I could have fun and be with my friends every day. Last year was the inaugural season for Prep volleyball, and the season did not go as planned. This year, having added new talent and a new coach, our squad was looking to put up fights against every opponent. Now due to COVID-19, we are unable to practice and play volleyball.

Tyler Darden

The thing I miss the most that is being taken away from me because of COVID-19 is seeing my friends at school. Although I may not miss being in the building, I do miss seeing my brothers every day. Not even just those at Prep, but my friends outside of school that I am unable to see for the time being. It is not fun being quarantined at home, and I’m sure everyone agrees with me on that. Although this may last longer than we think, I hope that I get to see my Prep brothers one way or another before the school year ends.

James Janicki

Going out
The thing I miss most since this pandemic started is going out. With this virus going around I cannot really go out as much. So this takes away from me seeing my friends and doing normal things. If I could still go out it would be a lot better. I am also tired of the empty sections in the stores; it is creepy to look at.

Ryan Jubulis

Working out
I miss being out at the gym the most, I think. Watching sports and mainly March Madness is a big loss, but I would be sitting at home doing that. But for the past few weeks now I really feel the urge to go play basketball and work out during this unfortunate time period.

Jack Oedekoven

Playing sports/working out
One thing I miss because of the COVID-19 pandemic is the ability to play sports and workout. With the outbreak of the pandemic, sports has been shut downs and gyms have temporary closed their doors. My whole life really revolves around sports, and without the ability to watch or even play sports, my life seems a bit boring. However, I’m beginning to rediscover some past-times of mine to help pass the time. LEGOs and board games with my family help the hours tick off the clock instead of being on my phone the whole time.

Jon Sapienza

The thing I miss the most that has been taken away from me because of COVID-19 is school. I am not a fan of working from home and working online. I would much rather be in class cracking jokes with the boys and learning from my teachers. I’m glad that remote access learning is an option, but I miss being in a classroom, and I surely miss seeing my friends every day.

DeMere Strickland

The old daily rhythms
One of the things I miss the most is the rhythmic progression of the day. Now, it feels very boring, where I’m struggling to find things to do while stuck at home without much work to do. It is kind of a first-world problem, but it is pretty motivationally draining just being stuck inside all day. The old rhythm of seeing the same people and the same classes and hearing developments on their situations kept things interesting. Now, I realize how much it is missed.