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Ramblers share their sports superstitions


Cathedral Prep has been a very athletic school and has been very successful at it for many years now. While many would say this success is due to the talent of its players, their hard work in practice, and the ability of their coaches, some players like to say that they play a bit better because of the superstitions that they have. Superstitions have always been a big thing in sports from being a fan to being a player, so if they seem to help the player or team win, then why not continue practicing the superstition?

Colin Taraski, a senior on the football team that has played all four years at Prep has a couple of superstitions himself.

“I always have to hit the “Play Like a Champion” sign when walking out of the locker room before a game,” he said.

Another one of Colin’s superstitions that he has been doing for all four years is using the restroom before games, normally for a number two. “I did this one when we won states, and just kept it going,” Colin said of his restroom routine.

Jake Vandee, a junior on the wrestling team, has had great success in his wrestling matches from a normal match all the way to states. However, Jake said that before all of his matches he stretches his arms and legs the exact same way.

“This just gets me amped up for the match,” Jake said.

Another student athlete that has an odd superstition is Kyle Sargent, a junior on the swim team.

“I listen to ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ by Meek Mill before every swim meet,” Kyle said.

He does this because it makes him faster and more focused, according to his times.

Zachary Shchouchkoff, a senior on the golf team, has many superstitions of his own and says that golf is the most superstitious sport out there. For starters, Zach said that he “always goes to the gym before tee time no matter when it is.”

That’s not all Zach does before a golf match though, “I also full volume blast country music before every golf match,” he said.

Jack Moylan, an alumni of Prep that graduated in the class of 2020, said he used to have superstitions when he played for the soccer team. The year that Jack, who is better know as “J-Moy,” was a senior on the team they went 18-0.

“During the announcements of the starting lineups before games, I would give my buddies a tap on the butt when they were called,” he said.

Perhaps one of Prep’s most successful programs is the football team, led by head coach Mike Mischler. While players and fans have superstitions and traditions they do before games, so do some of the coaches. During home games, Coach Mischler takes a walk over to the seat that has his late father’s name on it. He said he has been doing this sinse 2018, which is the year of his fathe’s passing.

Superstitions are something that many people have, and a lot of them are quite odd. However, sometimes they actually work out in the players’ favor. These are just a few examples of what some Prep athletes and coaches have done to “help” the team win off the field, and there are many others around the historic campus of Cathedral Prep.

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