Key Club Christmas Dinner shifts to takeout model amid pandemic


Landon Kalie

The Key Club hosts a Christmas dinner every year. Students, parents, staff and anyone that a part of Prep or Villa can donate just five dollars per dinner for someone in need. This is one of the many great opportunities that Key Club presents every single year. The dinner’s main goal is to give people in poverty a nice warm meal for the holidays. At Prep, it’s always about the idea of giving and helping those in need whether it’s for a mission trip or a fundraiser.

The goal this year for Key Club was to serve about 1,000 meals. This year happened to be the 35th annual Christmas Dinner for Key Club. With the event this year being different than any other year because of the pandemic, Key Club was able to perform this special event by not only giving out a nice warm meal but also a nice Christmas card, socks, and other warm clothing.

Usually they hand out toys to the little kids every year as part of the tradition, but this year with COVID-19 still affecting everyday activities they had to scratch the toys off the list. The event was hosted Sunday, Dec. 13, from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. Even though they couldn’t get the full experience, they still got the joy of bringing happiness to others in the community.
These are the statistics for the Dinner.

In all, Key Club took in $3,268.50 in monetary donations, which covered half of the costs. A total of 840 dinners were distributed to groups including Community Shelter Services, the City Mission, Emmaus Soup Kitchen, Erie City Police, Millcreek Police, Firehouse Engine, and the Upper Room.

As Key Club advisor Mr. Haller guided the students to organize the event.

“I truly believe it was a success,” he said. “While it was different and more leg work was needed the day of, we did what we always do, rose to the occasion, and serviced those in need.”