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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)
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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Student Profile: Sam Louie


Samuel Louie is currently a junior at Cathedral Prep, and he’s been attending the school since his freshman year. Before Prep, Sam attended Saint George elementary school and had planned on going to McDowell to finish his schooling. However, Sam chose at the last minute that he’d rather go to Cathedral Prep.

“It was the best decision I could’ve made,” Sam said. “I’m glad my 8th grade self decided to come here.”

While Sam is mainly a student at Cathedral Prep, he is also a star soccer player on the team that went to the state semifinals this year. He was a starter for this team and played almost the entire game most of the time, racking up 15 goals, the second most on the team.

Beyond Prep soccer, Sam is also a member of the Erie Admirals Soccer Club. He is frequently being called up to play on the varsity squad despite being an ’04.

“I’ve played soccer my whole life and just enjoyed doing so,” he said. “Scoring goals is definitely number one, but talking trash to opponents is a close second.”

Sam’s younger brother, Jack Louie, who currently attends St. George also plays soccer.

“It’’s a great way for me and him to bond and get closer as siblings,” he said. “I guess it’s just in the family genes to play.”

One of Sam’s teammates, sophomore Reece Johnson said, “Sam was a great teammate on and off the field, and he’s a stellar human being all around.”

Moving on from soccer Sam has been in the building for almost three years now, and he says he loves the atmosphere it creates. He was asked about what his favorite memory of Prep is.

“[It is] definitely the rally before the McDowell game sophomore year,” he said. During this rally the seniors at the time did a look-alike segment, as they always do, and Sam was put up on the big screen being compared to “that kid from Tiktok.” The “kid from Tiktok” was actually Sam himself, and the seniors were making fun of him because his Tiktok account had blown up at the time. He currently has around 30,000 followers on the app. Rather than be upset that the seniors were making fun of him, he was happy for the attention.

“It was just cool to be a part of such an old tradition at Prep,” Sam said.

Sam is also a very smart student, and he attends the Gannon program every morning before school.

“Soccer is fun, but school is way more important, so I like to stay on top of things,” Sam said.

Not only is he a great student, but he is well-liked by his teachers and classmates. He was named the Man of Prep during his freshman year during the 4th quarter sessions.

Fellow junior Kyle Sargent said, “I’ve known Sam for a while now, and I know I can count on him. He is truly a man of Prep and deserved that award.”

Furthermore, Sam’s freshman year teacher Mr. Achille spoke about his experience teaching Sam.

“I taught Sam his first year at Prep in Accelerated Algebra Honors,” Mr. Achille said. “Sam is a true man of Prep in every sense of the word!”

Sam Louie is a prime example of a true man of Prep and shows how this school is able to mold men of spirit, mind, and body. He also has his parents Mary Beth and Jason Louie who helped to form him and his siblings, Emma and Jack, into great kids.

Sam said he wants his classmates to know “it’s been a great ride so far; let’s make senior year one to remember.”

If you happen to see Sam walking around Erie or the hallways of Prep, don’t be scared to approach him and ask him about Prep, he’s a great person to get to know and well worth it.

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