Where do you picture yourself in 10 years?


The Rambler

In this week’s question, students look to the future to answer what they think their life will be like in 10 years.

Colin Bish

I would be lying to a lot of people, including myself if I didn’t envision success in the future. What I hope for is that I get a degree and job in sports journalism/broadcasting to make a good amount of money. I also hope that with that comes having my own family with a wife and a kid or kids. Everything I look forward to striving for is always positive, and that’s what I hope for down the road.

Landon Kalie

I could see myself as almost anything at this point in my life. Currently, I’m undecided on my major and could see myself going into multiple careers. I just hope one day I have enough money to support myself and all those that I care about around me. I hope I have a family and just build on the relationships I have now. I’m definitely excited to see what the future holds and hope to succeed in it. 

Brian Lee

In ten years, I hope to be at a point in my life where I’m content with my current situation and living my life freely. I will hopefully be carrying out my medical residency in dermatology somewhere in a big city like Philadelphia, Boston, or New York City. Accordingly, my career would be a resident under some dermatologist. I aim to be in a place where I am actively working to achieve my career goals and lifelong goals like traveling often to get away from the city and just spending quality time with the people I love. I am excited to enjoy my life as much as I can and romanticize the little things as much as possible. Overall, I see myself being a happy, explorative, and ambitious 28-year-old.  

Brody McIntire

In 10 years I plan on being far away from Erie and possibly Pennsylvania in general. Nothing against the people that live here, but the weather just doesn’t suit me correctly because I hate the cold. I want to move to Texas most likely and start off my life down there. Moving on from my location for my career I want to be a cop, but not a township cop such as the Millcreek P.D. I want to be a state trooper and deal with the bigger problems, not just teenagers throwing parties. In 10 years hopefully I’ll be a cop and a good one at that. Another thing for me to think about happening in 10 years is having a significant other. It really hit me this past week that I’m not that far away from dropping down on one knee to share my life with somebody else. My brother who is only six years older then me just proposed to his girlfriend, and she obviously said yes. However, this makes me feel extremely old, even though I’m only 17. However, hopefully I’ll be living a happy life in 10 years, and if I don’t have a wife or girlfriend, I’ll definitely have a dog. I don’t want a small dog however. My dream dog is either a pitbull or a German Shepard. If I’m a cop I’ll try my hardest to have a police dog as well.  

Anthony Nunez

In the next 10 years, I hope to have solidified a career I personally enjoy. At the moment I have a couple of ideas, but I’m not sure if I should pursue them or continue to search. I hope to have either stayed in Erie, or moved to a dream city, I have multiple. I hope that I do not become too complacent and continue to move around and expand in all kinds of life. I also hope that the music side of me doesn’t falter and actually grows a bit more. I don’t plan on marrying in my life, but I do plan on fostering kids. If I’m able to foster a kid by this point, I’ll be happy, but I don’t expect to. I tend to avoid thinking about my future and just go where the wind takes me, whether that’s a bad thing or not, I guess I’ll have to find out in the next 10 years.  

Philip Pedano 

In 10 years from now I can see myself living in North Carolina or somewhere warm with my wife and family. My wife and I will be living a fun and eventful life by traveling across the world and going to new places. Career wise I can see myself doing something with sports, like hopefully playing on the PGA Tour or caddying for Evan Rowane on the PGA Tour. My life will still include my very close friends and the people that have always been in my life since I was young. 

Will Peterson 

In 10 years I picture myself being out of college with a job and maybe a family and overall enjoying myself. I will probably be much better than I am now. But who knows what the future holds for me or for anyone for that matter. 

Jonathan Zambroski 

In 10 years I can see myself working for some kind of junior hockey team and making the visuals that come up on the Jumbotron and managing everything going on behind the scenes. Being a graphic designer you kind of go wherever you can at first and see how it progresses from there. I don’t have a set location, but I would love to be in either North Carolina, Minnesota, or Michigan.   

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Share your response in the comments.