What is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner?


The Rambler

With Thanksgiving only a week away, students and faculty alike are looking forward to a well-deserved break. One of the highlights of Thanksgiving break is Thanksgiving dinner. No two families celebrate exactly the same, but rest assured plenty of delicious dishes will be served and devoured on Thanksgiving. Read on to find out what our staff is most excited to eat this holiday season.

Colin Bish

One of my favorite “traditional” dishes for Thanksgiving is stuffing. Simple and always great to eat. In my family, one of our own traditional dishes that always stands out to me personally is my grandmother’s gnocchi. It’s basically just a different type of pasta, and it never gets old.

Olivia Buckel

My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is definitely the apple pie my mom makes every year. My entire immediate family helps her the night before with getting the apples peeled and prepared, and we always listen to Christmas music as we do it. That joy from spending time with my family that night carries on into the next day, and I always look forward to eating the pie after my (multiple) servings of actual dinner. Having to watch and smell the pies be baked the night before is absolute torture, and finally getting to eat them is the best feeling ever. I love every aspect of the dinner my family prepares for Thanksgiving, but nothing is better than my mom’s apple pie.  

Cole Corapi

My favorite part of Thanksgiving, besides all the amazing food, is being able to come together with family and enjoy a meal. To be able to enjoy a meal and night with my whole family is such a nice and wholesome thing that always holds a special place in my heart. Now, food-wise, my favorite food is in between my grandma’s pumpkin pie and stuffing. If I had to choose one though, I would probably go with the pie. Technically you can have either one all year round, but the way my grandma makes the pumpkin pie makes it just hit different.  

Rue Daniels

My favorite Thanksgiving food is grilled cheese. I have never been a fan of the traditional food associated with the holiday. Instead, I make a cranberry goat cheese grilled cheese with walnuts and arugula on fresh bread. I add honey and thyme for taste. I always use the cranberry sauce my mom and brother make to dip the sandwich in. The rest of my family partakes in the typical Thanksgiving foods. 

Maddie Hess

My favorite parts of Thanksgiving are food and family for sure. I love the food my entire family makes and brings to Thanksgiving dinner. My Aunt Joan’s pumpkin pie is my most favorite pie in the whole world. I have her make me my own every year. I also love getting the whole family together. I love spending time with them because I don’t get to see my entire family that often.  

Bryce Kalie

The best part about Thanksgiving is getting together with your family and enjoying the great lunch or dinner your family provides for you. But everybody has their own favorite dish to eat on Thanksgiving. For me, my favorite dish may come as a surprise to many. My favorite dish is not just mashed potatoes or cheese potatoes, it’s ranch potatoes. My Aunt makes some of the best ranch potatoes in the world, and when Thanksgiving comes, I simply can’t pass them up. So, ranch potatoes are my favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Sam Louie

The best Thanksgiving dish are the potatoes. Although it’s not a main dish, it’s the best food at the table every year. It’s the perfect side dish because it goes with nearly everything else served. For mashed potatoes, there are multiple ways you can eat them and many combinations with other foods or toppings that can vary. There are also baked potatoes that could be a main dish by themselves if someone wanted. Potatoes can just be cooked and eaten in so many ways that there’s no way any other dish could surpass them.

Maeve McCormick 

My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is gravy. You can add it to anything, and all of a sudden it is like 10 times better. Add it to turkey and life is never the same. I swear I could drink gravy straight; it gets my thanksgiving meal going! 

Jack Rouch

My favorite part of thanksgiving dinner is definitely the pie. For my family’s Thanksgiving, we always have really good apple pie. I am not the biggest fan of all of the Thanksgiving food, but I do like apple pie a lot. Even though food is a big part of Thanksgiving dinner, I also like to see all of my family and talk and laugh at dinner.

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? Share your response in the comments.