Weez’s Weekly W of the Week: Winners


The Rambler

Weez’s Weekly W of the Week, or The W-4 as most refer to it, is a reoccurring segment that will run on the TheRamblerNews.com where I, Oliver “Weez” Wiesner, explore an interesting topic that begins with the letter W that is of utmost importance to the Rambler community. This week’s edition is based on the winners we see walking from class to class in the humble hallways of Prep.
In this week’s edition of Weez’s Weekly W of the Week, I look at arguably one of the most defining words that begins with the letter W: winner. A winner by definition is either a person or thing that wins something or, in what I consider to be a better representation of the word, a thing that is a success or is likely to be successful. Here in the hallways of Prep, I witness several students each day that more than fit the definition of a “winner” and need to be commended for their excellent efforts at living a successful life. I choose three champs to examine in the very first edition of Weez’s Weekly W of the Week.
Winner #1: Daniel Macaluso: Class of 2015, test-taking extraordinaire
Many people know Dan, but they don’t know the methods behind his madness. If you’ve ever had a class with him, you’d know him as “the whiz kid” who finishes his tests in groundbreaking times that shocks even the brightest of individuals. Just this past semester, the legend himself finished his should-be two hour Gannon psychology final in a measly 20 minutes. The next closest person took at least 50. His staunch and radical viewpoints on many, if not all, topics gives Dan much worth in the Prep community. Let’s just say, he’s not afraid to share is opinion. If this doesn’t prove Dan’s winning capabilities, I’m not quite sure what would. Never have I met a more intelligent, quick-minded winner than Daniel Macaluso.

Jack McCormick
Winner Jack McCormick stares intently out the window

Winner #2: Jack McCormick: Class of 2015, news anchor
The Rambler News is a pivotal part of the Prep community that relays information to the students and keeps them up to date on all of the schools’s news. In addition to James Kolokowski, Jack McCormick leads the veteran cast and represents the Prep community with pride. With Jack being the lead anchor of the morning news, he proves to the Ramblers what the true definition of a winner really means and sets an example for all of the aspiring winners out there.
Winner #3: Sean Reed: Class of 2015, soccer superstar
Now I know this comes to a surprise to most of you, but Sean Reed is a legend amongst men. Though most of what he does is highly unwarranted or just flat out unwanted, what he did this past fall made up for all of his misdoings. Sean Reed led the Ramblers to a 2-1 D10 victory over McDowell with his late free kick that made its way into the back of the net. He re-delivered us the D10 trophy that had been in the hands of the Trojans these past two seasons, and for that, Sean Reed is a true winner in the Prep community.