McDavid, Eichel prepare for NHL showdown


The Rambler

The champs are here. The number one and two choices in the 2015 NHL Draft, Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, and Jack Eichel of the Buffalo Sabres, finally faced off in an intense matchup in Buffalo. McDavid missed the first face off between the teams because of a broken clavicle. It was a test for both players and teams. McDavid could solidify his dominance and Eichel could prove the Oilers wrong for not picking him with the first pick.
McDavid stole the show and showed his dominance with a game winning overtime goal. He had two goals in the game, the one in overtime and another in the first period. In an interview after the game McDavid humbly stated, “I’m excited, any time you can score an overtime goal, it feels good. To do it in front of friends and family, it feels even better.” He led both teams with 2 points in the game and proved to be a big factor in the game.
Eichel also played a great game, but could not drop any points. However, in the first matchup, which McDavid missed, Eichel scored a big time goal. The goal did not push the Sabres over the Oilers, but made a big difference in the momentum of the game. Head coach of the Oilers, Todd McLellan, had nothing but praise for the both of them stating, “I thought Eichel and McDavid were probably the two best players on the ice tonight, that is a real positive, both for Buffalo and their future and ours in Edmonton and the League. … They’re fun players to watch and they didn’t disappoint tonight by any means.” Both players are definitely making a big splash in the league and have definitely lived up to their draft position.
The Oilers won the overtime thriller, 2-1 and have now won both games versus the Sabres. This is the start of a new rivalry versus McDavid and Eichel. They both have something to prove and are surely doing just that.