Bruins defeat Pens in 2023 Winter Classic


Matt Kalie

In 2008, the NHL started off one of the coolest and most unique traditions across all sports. The first ever game of NHL hockey played outside in the dead of winter at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. The Pittsburgh Penguins came into Buffalo and was one of the best played games for each team and without a doubt, the coolest. Growing up, many of the players used to enjoy playing hockey on a frozen pond outside, but really the only time they could play was inside at a rink. Two teams, one game a year, and the most fun game of the year takes place in the home team’s city’s baseball or football stadium.

Since 2008 there has been a game played outside every year, including the most recent game between the Penguins and Bruins in Fenway park in Boston. Two of the league’s most historical and successful teams squared off in arguably the most historic venue across the country. The Bruins have now made four appearances in the Winter Classic and have an impressive 3-1 record on the outdoor pond. Meanwhile the Pens have now made three appearances and are sitting at a 1-2 record outdoors.

The game started with a high action, no scoring first period. The second period had a lot more action. Starting off early in the period, Penguins goalie Tristian Jarry was injured and could not return to the game. The second period the Pens also struck first on the scoreboard and went up 1-0 with a goal from Kasperi Kapanen while he was on his knees. Outside of that one goal no other goals were scored between the first and second periods heading into the third. Kicking off the third period the Pens had a power play but couldn’t do anything with it. The Bruins went on the power play and Jake DeBrusk took advantage and scored to tie the game at 1-1. With around three minutes left in the third period Jake DeBrusk once again buried the biscuit in the back of the net for his and the team’s second goal of the game. The Pens had a few opportunities towards the end of the game but couldn’t tie it, and the game was 2-1 Bruins. After the game Jake DeBrusk was interviewed for having one of the best offensive games in the Classic.

“It’s a whirlwind, to say the least,” said DeBrusk. “It’s obviously something that’s special for this entire group and myself. This is Fenway Park and a Winter Classic. It’s something you dream of doing.”

The game was a very highly intense game even though there was only three total goals. Fans in Boston showed up in big numbers selling out the park again at 39,243. The Winter Classic is one of he only NHL regular season games that sells out the whole year and fans across the world and people aren’t big hockey fans usually tune in at some point because of how cool this event is.