Best Throwback Games From the 2011-12 School Year (Part 1)


The Rambler

Throughout the years for the Class of 2016, they have seen faces and teachers come and go. Also, they have changed their personalities and views of the world. However, one thing has not changed; that is their love for games. Senior Thomas Squeglia stated, “Games get me through the long days of school. They help me relieve my mind when it gets overwhelmed with the harsh studies at Cathedral Prep.”
Over the four years, the best games seem to all come from freshman year. The year 2012 was the year for games. Many game developers came out with fun multiplayer games that swept the halls of Cathedral Prep. It is often said that bad news spreads quickly, but that saying is put to shame when compared to the speed of a new game traveling the halls of Cathedral Prep. Now let’s enter a flashback to the good ol’ days during the 2011-2012 school year.
At the beginning of the year, the hype lied in a game titled Social Chess. It was a multiplayer game where two players could send moves back in forth while participating in the classic game of chess. It also had a chat bar where you could smack talk with your opponent. Social Chess was the game around school until it was blocked by the technology department. The game fell through our fingers and never was resurrected.
In comparison to Social Chess, there is only one multiplayer game that was more popular, that is LightBike 2. LightBike was a game played over Bluetooth and you could play versus any other student at Prep. The objective of the game was to knock out your opponent’s car. The hitch in the game is that once a spot on the map was driven over, a streak of color was left behind and neither you nor your opponents could drive over that same spot. You could definitely say that the games got insanely intense. The winner got the best reward, which was a power up that they could use in the next game. Similarly, LightBike was unfortunately blocked because students attention towards school work seemed to diminish.
The next game that almost everyone tried at some point freshmen year was Whale Trail. Whale Trail is a very mindless, easy game to play. It puts you in a good mood. Senior Joe Sala had only words of praise for the game, stating, “Whale Trail is by far the best throwback game. Its combination of fast movement and the ability to play during class only adds to its happy vibes.” He then went on to praise the music saying, “The soothing background music always puts my mind at ease during the school day.” Whale Trail is still unblocked and can be played by anyone. It’s a free game and is easy to master.
The last game on the first part of this article is the game Head Soccer. This is the most underrated app ever. It was my personal favorite game freshman year and was full of endless fun. It has both multiplayer and single player features. The multiplayer games got intense, and the single player game modes were addicting. The only way to unlock better players, was to accomplish a certain task. Head Soccer is also still available on the App Store and is unblocked during school. Head Soccer has been a big game every year and has never fizzled out. The love for the game seems to be too strong for the students at Cathedral Prep.
These first four games have impacted many students lives. I would also like to say that these are opinion and are not in any particular order. Look for part two coming out in the upcoming weeks!