iPad App Review: Ultimate Tag


Jaryn Simpson

The new game everyone seems to be playing now is Ultimate Tag. This game is a very fun and playable with others. You have to be in-person to play with others, but it is well worth your shared time.
The game has the same rules as if it were actual tag in physical form. This game features up to four players and it only involves one finger. Every person has a joystick in their own corner, and that is also where their character starts out.
In the free version, you start out in the whereabouts of the woods. You can hide in the trees, but you have to be really sneaky about it. You can pick between classic or reverse. If you are playing with four people, classic would mean one person is “it,” chasing the others. If the game mode was turned to reverse then three people would be chasing the one person left out, and if you are one of the three people to tag him, then you become that person.
You can also adjust the minutes from 1-10. Another feature added in the game is the “It Assist,” which helps out the person who is “it” by running faster than the rest of the players so they are not it for long. This makes the game go by quicker because less than 10 seconds at least, you will be tagging someone different. Once you tag someone in this game, a shield/bubble will be around your character for a maximum of 2 seconds. No player can tag you when this bubble is up because it gives you a chance to get away from who you just tagged. I really like this feature because without it the game would be too easy when you get tagged.
The in-app purchases for the game includes freeze tag and many more maps, such as House, Park, and Farm. This purchase only costs $1.99. People at Cathedral Prep have bought the added features, and it is very fun as you can play a fast paced exciting game that will not get boring. I highly recommend this game if you and your friends are bored.