Theater Review: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot


Ryan Kirby

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot was a brilliantly portrayed comedy by the Prep-Villa theater program. Father Mike really knocked it out of the park with the selection of this show. The audience was often breathless with laughter at the witty one liners, the perfect entrance music, and the incredible portrayal of these quirky biblical characters.

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is about a court case with the prosecution (portrayed by Mary Grace Kelly ’21) demanding that the case of Judas of Iscariot to be re-tried. The Judge (Anthony Nunez ’21) adamantly refuses until eventually being beaten into allowing it. Then, enter the funniest part of the entire show, the defense attorney (Daniel Tomesko ’20). Throughout the show, interviews with many important biblical figures help show the true character of Judas as they battle back and forth in the courtroom. Special highlights of this part of the show were Mother Teresa’s hilarious back and fourth with the lawyers (Mother Teresa played by Kaitlyn Cropp ’22) and Simon’s punk rock attitude (Will Peterson ’22).

The most compelling scene had to by the very last scene, where Jesus (Charlie Raimondi ’20) comes to speak with Judas (Joseph Agresti ’21) to try to win over Judas’s heart one last time. The acting here brings an immediately somber tone to the show and was a real eye opener to all in the audience. The acting in this scene was undoubtedly the most impressive part in an already incredible show.

If this show tells you anything, it’s never doubt Father Mike and the Prep-Villa theater family, as any show they choose to put on, no matter how unknown, can become an instant favorite like this one.