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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

The Ghosts Are Real: Review of Call of Duty: Ghosts


CoD GhostsLast week there were multiple sleep deprived students walking around the halls of Cathedral Prep. That is because the latest version of the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Ghosts, was released on November 5th. This game has been greatly anticipated because the last version, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, was seen as a flop in the series. The producers of the game were Infinity Ward and Activision, with the new assistance of Raven and Neversoft.
Now with the first time producers, Ghosts is much different then past games, with new mechanics, making the experience feel like you are the soldier. In addition to the “Changed World” of CoD, you can now destroy certain parts of the map to change the world. The three game types you can play are as follows: the Campaign, Online: Multiplayer, or Extinction. All three game types are addicting with non-stop gunslinging fun. It is almost impossible to put down.
The Campaign
The Campaign has been the most exciting experience for me out of the entire game. You are able to do all kinds of exhilarating missions that include walking down the side of a skyscraper; playing as Riley, the guard dog, to get the Ghosts out of situations; taking control of an Apache Helicopter to invade Rorke’s (villain) Headquarters; and floating throughout space to finish the job. The only issue with this campaign is that there was no story line. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a three game story lined series.
Ghosts was more of just completing missions and remarkably getting to the end of the campaign not knowing how you got there. Finally, but certainly not least, was this was simply the greatest ending in Call of Duty history. It was better then the epic pistol slide from Captain Price, the final throwing knife to save Captain Price from Shepard, or the ending to Makorav, of the man behind the Modern Warfares series. To find out you will have to play the campaign, but don’t be too excited to power down after it.
Online: Multiplayer
This year’s multiplayer is nothing like the past game’s online action. There are brand new weapons, attachments, perks, and kill streaks that will help you create your customized soldier. There are also multiple new game modes such as Blitz, Cranked, and Search and Rescue. “Search and Rescue” is the same concept as search and destroy from past games, but now when a friendly is killed you can pick up his tags, and he is reborn somewhere on the map. Now with the capability to destroy parts of the map to gain or lose advantages you may have had, this completely changes the possibilities of what you can do. To win the match for the Ghosts or the Federation. To add on to the new mechanics they have made it more lifelike when you run, shoot, hurdle, and battle. You are now able to lean off to the side of objects to gain a better point of view without exposing your entire body.
I presume that most of you know that Activision was the creator of the Nazi Zombies. It was one of the most ingenious ideas in game history, but now they have now joined the forces of Infinity Ward to create Extinction. This is a new look on Nazi Zombies except now you are looking to save the earth from an alien infested town. The objective is to destroy all of the creatures hives, get to the rendezvous point, set off the nuke, get back to the chopper, and get out of there. The game mode has the same type of world including picking guns up from around the map and using traps to defeat the scorpion looking creatures. This game mode is a great, a new kind of Nazi Zombies that will hopefully be as epic as the famed game mode that started in World at War.
Call of Duty: Ghosts is an epic game that everyone should search down and try out. It has epic new features including Campaign, Multiplayer, and Extinction. Yes, the game is different and yes, it isn’t like the last Call of Duty, but it has given CoD a whole new birth into the future for the series which can start out rough. If you have played the game already and didn’t like it, I would give it one more chance because it will shock you, and for the people who have not played it, it is a must buy gift for Christmas because “We are all we’ve got.”

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