Acapella app review


Brian Buseck

In the past few years the art form of a capella has become increasingly popular. Groups like Straight No Chaser and Pentatonix are almost mainstream. The movie Pitch Perfect and its sequel made stars of Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, and a capella itself. A capella may not yet be “cool,” but it’s definitely on the rise.
The people at Mixcord, Inc. have picked up on this trend and made an app to cash in on it. Fortunately, it’s free. Titled simply “Acapella,” this app allows one to record oneself singing a line of music, and then layer another line over it to create an “Aca-masterpiece.”

This app has been very popular on Twitter over the past few weeks. Many aspiring singer/songwriters have been using the app in a very serious way in order to spread their presence over the Internet. Hoping to catch the attention of a record label, they attempt to showcase their vocal chops by performing a song all by themselves. Other users of the app tend to make more humorous videos, often singing poorly, and covering strange songs, such as the theme to “Bill Nye The Science Guy.”
The layout of the app is very pleasing. Upon opening the app, you see a little microphone graphic, which most would agree is appropriate for an app meant to bring out the vocal abilities deep within its users. First, you click the “Start New Project” button to begin. Next, you pick the layout of your video, deciding how many parts you’d like to sing, with each part being one “box.” You then decide how long you want your clip to be (6 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute), and then you record!
Personally, I’d recommend this app for anyone hoping to expand their vocal abilities or just hoping to have a good time. If you think that downloading this app would make you an “Aca-loser,” then you’re “Aca-wrong” and you should “Re-aca-evaluate” your life.