Movie Review: Keanu (contains spoilers)


Jaryn Simpson

Spoiler Alert: This article contains elements of the movie’s plot.
Keanu is a 2016 comedy/action movie that is rated R. This movie features, which stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, features characters from their hit Comedy Central show Key and Peele that viewers might be familiar with.
In the movie, the main characters are Rell (Peele) and Clarence (Key). Rell starts on his emotional side in the beginning of the story because his girlfriend has just dumped him. He does not want to even do anything as he is shown just laying on his couch. Then, all of a sudden, this cat shows up on his door step, and he has never loved anything more. He truly found happiness.
Clarence, on the other hand, is a geeky type of husband. He is always uptight and cannot stop doing things the right way and working for others. He has the mindset of doing what others want and not what he wants. His wife leaves with her daughter to go on a trip with a close friend and their daughter. Therefore, Clarence is left by himself to start doing what he wants.
The night starts off with Clarence and Rell going to a movie. Clarence feels alive like a new man because he gets to see a movie he wants. Rell explains why he is not being himself because it’s just a movie. Rell turns on a song from NWA that includes profanity describing their feelings about the police. The irony is, a cop pulls up to the red light as they are blasting this song. Rell immediately turns the music off, and the cop turns his lights on and goes through the red light off to get someone or so we assume. This is a great example of how Rell and Clarence’s wife wants him to be more of himself.
When they return to Rell’s house , they find that it has been ransacked. Whoever broke into the house was in search of something. The cat is gone, and Rell is torn apart angrily. He calls the cops, but there is nothing the cops can do about it. Later, the viewers find out that it was a neighbor that was supposed to get robbed, not him. Rell and Clarence do their research and find out where the people who stole Keanu could be. They are with the most murderous drug cooperation leader named Cheddar.
To cut this to short terms, Rell and Clarence have to act like they are the “Allentown Brothers.” The Allentown Brothers are two characters that look exactly like Rell and Clarence but have long hair and wear all black. So, in order to uphold their standards, they have to prove to the surrounding gang members that they are official. The gang members have heard of the “Allentown Brothers” and that they did a flip off the wall and shot someone. The gang members are dying to see this in live action. Rell is basically going crazy in his head wondering what to do when Clarence with no hesitation just runs up to the wall and does a flip off of it. The gang members go crazy. Clarence plays it off cool as if he meant to do that, but he didn’t know he had the capability.
Rell and Clarence are then captured by the actual Allentown Brothers who took Keanu from Rell and Clarence who stole Keanu from Cheddar. The Allentown Brothers are ready to torture Rell and Clarence, but Keanu comes from behind Rell’s chair and scratches and nips at Rell’s rope that he is wrapped up in. Rell gets loose and grabs both guns that are on the table right next to them and aims it at the Allentown Brothers. He then unties Clarence and gives him a gun. They both shoot the real Allentown Brothers down. They then take Keanu and try to escape, but Cheddar and his gang are there to rally. Cheddar captures them and takes them to deal with one of the most famous Mexican families in the gang business. This guy tells them that Keanu belonged to his family but Cheddar was very stingy with his keepings so bullets went flying everywhere.
After a long chase to get Keanu back, Rell hops into the car that the Mexican drug lord got into and drives him all the way back to Clarence’s house. Clarence meets up there by hitting him in the lawn with his car. Then, all of a sudden, Cheddar shows back up at his house ready to shoot Rell and Clarence for Keanu. Then the one and only lady gang member tells Cheddar to freeze and put his hands in there because she is a cop. Cheddar tries to shoot her, but she gets the first shots off and he dies. The rest of the gang members go to jail along with Rell and Clarence because they have committed some serious crimes.
All in all, this a very good and comedic movie, but it is definitely not for kids.