Staff Profile: Ryan Kirby


James Janicki

Ryan Kirby is a staff writer for The Rambler whose favorite NFL team is the Chicago Bears. He has enjoyed watching them ever since he was young. The main reason he enjoys the Bears is he loves Chicago as a city and everything about it. He thinks that their team could do very well this year.

“Our defense is the top defense in the league,” Kirby said. “No one can score on us.” Ryan Kirby. These are big words coming from someone’s whose defense let rookie Josh Jacobs of the Oakland Raiders run for 123 yards on them.

Ryan also has some doubts on the team. He is concerned about the team’s offense. “Our offense is a very weak point because we have a quarterback who cannot lead and one, maybe two solid receivers.” These major things could lead to a tough season for the Bears if they do not fix these problems.

The Chicago Bears right now are 3-2 and 3rd in the NFC North. Ryan thinks that can all change in a heartbeat. “I predict that we end up going 11-5 and win the NFC North.”

He thinks that their strong defense will carry their weak offense. He also thinks that their offense could pick up some key players before the trade deadline.