Introducing Rambler Rants, The Rambler’s new sports podcast


Tyler Darden

Rambler Rants, a new sports podcast from The Rambler debuts today. Rambler Rants features Tyler Darden and Ryan Jubulis debating about different collegiate and professional sports topics. The content will range anywhere from the games from the previous week to who the best players are. The show is designed to have a high level of argumentation to keep the audience engaged in the show.

The goal of Rambler Rants is to get the students at Prep involved in the podcast. Throughout the year, there are going to be different topics that will get Tyler and Ryan heated on the show. The hope is that this gets the student body talking about what is talked about on the show because students at Prep are almost always talking about sports. Rambler Rants may also get the student involved with being frequent visitors to The Rambler.

“I believe that having a debate show on the school newspaper website would be intriguing to the students of Prep,” said junior Mason Cizmek. “Most students that attend Prep have a high interest in sporting events whether it’s high school, college, or professional. Having it could also bring popularity to other sports in and around our community.”

Tyler and Ryan have been preparing and are ready to begin the new weekly aired podcast. The podcast plans to bring on occasional guests to debate certain topics with the co–hosts as well, with the hope of getting the student body, as well as teachers, involved with the new podcast. There will be plenty of different sports-related topics debated, and lots of heated arguments between Tyler and Ryan.

“I support the idea of the Rambler Rants podcast,” said sophomore Jake Liederbach. “Posting weekly and talking about different sports would be really cool, and I would definitely listen to it.”

Tune in to The Rambler website to listen to new episodes of Rambler Rants every Tuesday.