Introducing Rambler Jam Sesh, The Rambler’s new music podcast


Jon Sapienza

Rambler Jam Sesh, a music-based podcast, has arrived and will be co-hosted by Ryan Kirby and me (Jon Sapienza). This podcast will be based solely on music and will be released every other week. Each episode of this podcast will focus on a different genre of music, and we hope to cover all genres.

Our podcast will be split up into different sections focusing on certain aspects of whichever genre we are talking about. It will be sectioned off into new releases, songs of the week, undiscovered artists, boom or busts, and popular music. These subtopics will help us cover everything that we feel we need to cover in each episode of the podcast.

The first episode of the podcast covers current rap music and our feelings about it. The topics include NLE Choppa, Blueface, G-Eazy, Kanye West, and many more artists and songs. We will be discussing the artists we really like, artists we really don’t like, and even artists we disagree upon.

For many episodes, we will be having guest appearances from fellow Ramblers and alumni. This is being done in order to open up to other people’s opinions about music and hopefully get some positive or negative input about songs from their favorite genres.

Music has always been a passion of both of ours, and we believe it’s important to discuss how this art form makes people feel. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and the ability to share that opinion with the public.

Episode one is available now, focusing on rap and hip hop.

We hope you enjoy Rambler Jam Sesh! Tune in and jam on!