Is a hot dog a sandwich?


The Rambler

This week, the staff of The Rambler took more of a lighthearted approach, focusing on the great debate that is the question: is a hot dog a sandwich? Read on to see where everyone stands on the issue. Then weigh in with your response in the comments.

Henry Abercrombie

No, a hot dog is not a sandwich. Based on the cube rule of food identification, which determines what a food classifies as based on where the grain/starch is located, a hot dog would in fact be a taco or a sub. The grain is located on three sides of the filling, similarly to a taco or sub. A sandwich clearly has grain on only two sides of the filling. Now, if you sliced a hot dog bun in half and ate the hot dog in between the two halves, then it would classify as a sandwich. Grain on one side is toast, on two sides is a sandwich, on three sides is a taco, four sides is sushi, five sides would be like a bread bowl, and all six sides would be a calzone. 

Gabe Allegretto

In my opinion, a hot dog is not a sandwich. A hot dog technically only has one piece of bread, where as a sandwich always has two. Many people consider a hot dog to be on the same level as a taco because of this. This is the main difference between a hot dog and a sandwich.  

Olivia Buckel

A hot dog is absolutely not a sandwich. A hot dog is a hot dog. A sandwich has two pieces of bread separated on top and underneath the contents of a sandwich, and a hot dog is a connected piece of bread on the sides of the hot dog. A hot dog is also not a taco because different bread and content is used. A hot dog is it’s own thing.  

Luke Costello

Alicia Gonzalez

Aiden Gromley
There is no possible way that a hot dog can be defined as a sandwich from the simple fact that you can eat a hot dog without a bun. A sandwich is classified as a substance that is surrounded by two pieces of bread. Many people do not need to eat a hot dog with a bun because they may have a gluten allergy and can not eat one with a bun. Although many people may prefer it with a bun, the hot dog itself can be eaten by itself and therefore makes it not a sandwich. You can try to argue it, but a hot dog is still a hot dog, even without a bun to serve it on. 
Hayden Hutchinson
A hot dog is definitely not a sandwich. The definition of a sandwich is, an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them,eatenas a light meal. The key here is the two pieces of bread, a hot dog can be eaten on its own while a sandwich cannot. A sandwich needs the bread to hold the filling while a hotdog is a separate entity on its own. Also, a bun which people use for hot dogs is not two separate pieces of bread but one piece with a gap. Overall, for these reasons a hot dog is not a sandwich. 
Matt Kalie
Kendra Piotrowski
No a hot dog is not a sandwich. It could easily be considered a sandwich because it is something between bread, but the name is hot dog because it is a hot dog. It cannot be anything else other then a hot dog. A sandwich is simply just a sandwich and like a hot dog it can’t be anything else.  
John Santone
A hot dog is not a sandwich. A sandwich consists of layers of bread, meat, or a spread like peanut butter, and any fixings that one may prefer on top of each other in a vertical orientation. One may cite the sub as a break in this rule; however, it is just a variation of the same idea with bread that wraps around the side. A hot dog is meant to be horizontal, and does not have layers of fixings. It has toppings or condiments. Therefore, a hot dog is not a sandwich. 
Dominick Scarpino
A hot dog is not a sandwich. A hot dog does not fall under any category of food because a hot dog is its own category. The reason a hot dog is in its own category is because the definition of a hot dog widely varies. A hot dog can be just the hot dog, a hot dog with a bun, a hot dog with a bun and toppings as well. For that reason, a hot dog exists independently from any other category of food. The only category you could wildly argue for is a taco, and that would just be wrong.