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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Cathedral Prep student section: misconduct or misunderstood?


Cathedral Preparatory School has long been known for its prestigious academics, outstanding athletics, and incomparable faith. These things are undoubtedly crucial assets to a great school. However, one other element stands out like a sore thumb whenever Prep is mentioned. This is, of course, Prep’s loud, crazy, and well-known student cheering section.
Whatever the event is—football, basketball, or any other activity—the student body shows up dressed like orange-and-black madmen ready to scream and cheer until they’ve lost their voices for their beloved Ramblers. Seeing this in action is a spectacle in and of itself, and being a part of it is an experience like no other. Many people do not see it as the students do, though, and choose to condemn Prep’s cheering section for doing what they do. A recent letter to the editor in Erie Times-News was directed towards the behavior of the student section more so than the score of the game, which was 63-0 in Prep’s favor.
The Rambler student section has been accused of inappropriate cheers, distasteful routines, and unbecoming actions. Granted, some Prep students have erred in the past. Yet when pointing the finger at Prep students, one question goes unsaid: are students from other schools and their student sections ever guilty of misconduct? And if so, is it at a lower, more tolerable level, or worse? The answer, in my personal opinion, is quite obvious. Yes, other schools are guilty of saying and/or doing the same or similar things.
However, the simple fact that Cathedral Prep is the school that it is, in the community that it is in, puts it in unique territory to be judged. On multiple occasions, a rival opponent school’s cheering section has yelled rude and explicit chants at the students, parents, and faculty of Cathedral Prep. Will these instances ever make the paper? Probably not.
Parents from other schools, people from the community, and spectators alike hold Cathedral Prep to a high standard, sometimes without even realizing it. We are 14-18-year-olds who are expected to act as classy young men of Prep, ahead of our years. This is no coincidence. We’re expected to be great whether it is in competition on the field or in spirit on the sidelines. Remember that the next time a letter to the editor is written. Or better yet, remember that beforehand to help prevent a future complaint.
Cathedral Prep has a standard of excellence that we are held to by supporters internally and detractors externally. Anything less than our best will draw negative press. That says a lot. Roll Ramblers.

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